Instagram Is Hiding Faked Images From The Explore Page & News Feed

In December, Instagram introduced a new feature that uses third party fact-checkers to review images and posts to reduce false information on the Instagram platform.

But as all new programs and initiatives go, there still working out the kinks on their process. Some images are being labeled as false when they've only been Photoshopped to enhance what was already there. This leads to some posts that are OK to have reduced visibility in the Instagram News Feed and the Instagram Explore Page.

As PetaPixel reports, Toby Harriman found a post labeled as "false information." Toby is a photgrapher in San Francisco and noticed that a post of a man in the mountains that had been colorized to show rainbow mountains had been misdiagnosed as fake when it was just digital art that had been enhanced with a color treatment.



The photo was taken by photographer Christopher Hainey and digitally altered by artist Ramzy Masri.

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So the takeaway here is to take the "false by fact-checkers" with a grain of salt when you see it. It won't necessarily mean that the image or post is false, just that it's a possibility.

The Verge has good take on this, saying “Artists and photographers shouldn’t panic about the feature flagging their digitally manipulated work since it isn’t targeting all Photoshopped photos — just the ones that have been identified by fact-checking websites as false. But though the feature may be useful for combating the spread of misinformation, it does have the potential to be an obstacle for digital artists who want their work to be seen.”


This is happening at the same time as Instagram DMs hitting the website version of the app. Also check out the new Instagram Reels how to tutorial.

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