Instagram DMs Hit The Online Web Version, And Are Not Just Part Of The App Anymore

UPDATE: Instagram DMs are now live and rolling out in the US!

If you're an Instagram person, you'll be happy to know that the website version will have Instagram DM functionality soon. This means you can send direct messages from the Instagram website via your laptop or desktop computer, a much-needed upgrade.

If you're a social media influencer, business or even have a personal account then you know the challenge in typing on a mobile phone or tablet. No more! Soon you'll be able to use a real keyboard for Instagram dms on computer.

The story was broke by Buzzfeed News, who said “Instagram confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it is starting to test DMs on the desktop web version. The test is with only with a small group of users, which means you might not actually have it (sorry). Instagram said it doesn't have a timeline of when it will roll it out to everyone.”


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This is the beginning of and Instagram update as a test rollout, but given Facebook & Instagram's new focus on messaging, this seems likely to be rolled out in a full Instagram update to everyone when they work the kinks out of how it performs. So, DMs will soon be available outside of the Instagram app.


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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that “private messaging, groups, and Stories” were the “three fastest-growing areas of online communication,” when speaking to the New York Times.

Now you can create new groups or start a chat straight from your profile page or your DM screen.

This is part of a larger focus by a lot of the tech world to bring their website and laptop/desktop experience into the fold. The last decade was all about the mobile experience, and now there's a renewed focus on the computer and website to increase the usability of apps beyond just the mobile experience.

This is happening at the same time as Instagram hiding faked images from the Explore Page & News Feed. Also check out the new Instagram Reels how to tutorial.

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