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Google Chrome AI Upgrades Give You Powerful New Features


Google's Chrome browser is embracing artificial intelligence in significant ways. Google is introducing several AI-driven features in an experimental phase, which users can activate by enabling “Experimental AI” in the settings. This initiative marks the start of a broader incorporation of AI into the browsing experience.

The most intriguing addition is the Tab Organizer feature. By right-clicking on a tab and selecting “organize similar tabs,” Chrome will automatically group related tabs. This feature is particularly useful for organizing tabs related to shopping, research, or news reading, streamlining the process of managing multiple tabs.

Moreover, the Chrome theme store is getting an AI makeover. Users can now select an image, style, color, and other preferences, and Chrome will generate a customized browser theme. This feature uses the same text-to-image AI model found in Android’s generative wallpapers, offering a unique and often impressive aesthetic experience.

Next month, Chrome will introduce another AI capability: the “Help me write” feature. This tool, accessible by right-clicking any text box on the web, will prompt Google's AI to assist in drafting text for various purposes, like writing reviews, emails, or party RSVPs. This represents a significant step in integrating AI across the web, enhancing user interaction and content creation.

This strategy positions Google's browser as a key player in AI integration, building on its existing role as a fundamental layer of the internet. Features like article summarization are just the beginning, with plans to incorporate the new Gemini model for even more streamlined browsing.

It's noteworthy that Google is somewhat behind in this AI race. Microsoft has already been integrating similar features in Edge for a year, and other browsers like Arc and Opera are exploring AI integrations too. Chatbots might be the current AI trend, but browsers offer a vast platform for integrating and accessing a wide range of applications.

Google's announcement about these Chrome features hints at more developments in the pipeline, including the integration of the Gemini model for an enhanced browsing experience. While a Bard sidebar isn't present yet, the trend suggests that AI will soon be a ubiquitous element in our browsing experience.