Youtube Is Offering Money To Podcasts To Create Youtube Podcast Channels With Video  

Youtube Is Offering Money To Podcasts To Create Youtube Podcast Channels With Video


YouTube is planning to offer $50,000 to $300,000 to podcasters, podcast networks and Creators to create video podcast channels on YouTube.

According to a report by Ashley Carman in Bloomberg, YouTube is providing money to podcasters in order to encourage them to make video versions of their broadcasts.

YouTube is awarding $50,000 to individual channels and up to $300,000 to podcast networks. YouTube is a popular platform for podcasts, despite offering offering little or no incentive in the past.


Lots of podcasters have already been distributing their podcasts on the YouTube platform, either by recording the podcasts in front of a video camera or even just uploading the audio with an image that runs throughout the playback, like a podcast logo.

Still though, YouTube is the largest and most diverse streaming platform in the world, which often goes unnoticed when people talk about the streaming wars between Spotify and Apple Music.

You gotta be where the people are, right?

The Verge commented on this saying “Despite being a platform for video, the Google-owned YouTube hosts a number of popular podcasts, including the H3 Podcast, Full Send Podcast, and the Logan Paul-led Impaulsive. It even helped foster the growth of the controversial Joe Rogan Experience, which Spotify purchased the exclusive rights to in 2020.”


This could really add to the number of YouTube podcast channels, increasing the daily active user count or DAU of YouTube. Which of course, means YouTube gets to charge people more for advertising on the platform.

YouTube has been gaining momentum as a podcast platform over the past year. Kai Chuk has been hired to “manage the large volume of existing podcasts and relationships across the YouTube platform” according the The Verge.

Still, this is in the early stages for YouTube podcasters and potential podcast Creators. How this will take form has yet to be announced with more defined parameters and target dates.

“It’s unclear what terms and conditions those grants come with in terms of required or sustained content output, while there’s also the question of exclusivity. That said, YouTube has a natural lock-in as the place to distribute video,” reads a report in 9to5 Google.


  • Interviews
  • Social, Political Or Financial Commentary
  • Health & Fitness
  • Product Reviews
  • Mindfulness


Some of the content and business-minded things to consider when creating a YouTube podcast … What will the main areas of content be?

This is important for two reasons. 1) you’ll want to like or have some level of passion and dedication to the project. It’s hard to get motivated for content that you’re not entirely dedicated to showing up for agin and again and again.

2) Now for the business side - the type content you choose will determine some of the ads that will appear during your podcast, whether it’s a Youtube podcastSpotify podcast or wherever you go. Different business sectors will different levels of payouts, and this can have a dramatic affect on both the payout of the ads and the type of audience you attract.

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