Graphic Design Trends 2021  

Graphic Design Trends For 2021



Graphic design trends in 2021 offer us a fresh set of inspiration. Check out the list below for a set of graphic design trends that you can use in 2021 and beyond.

This is a list of graphic design trends that will grow throughout the year, so check back for updates.


Graphic Design Trends 2021

Glassmorphism UI

Glassmorphism is an extension of the neumorphism trend that's been happening, and it extends that idea into a transparent, glass like backdrop to create a UI layer over a background.

This pairs well with the gradient trend mentioned above, you can create a glass-like layer on top of a gradient background. It's minimalistic and clean, and almost futuristic-looking.

The example above comes from HYPE4, by way of the creativity blog Abuzeedo.


Data Visualizations

Simple data visualizations are different than infographics. While infographics present an array of topics and ideas, data visualizations focus on specifics. 

Consider charting the progress or decline of a statistic, for example. Calling out a statistic in large text with some supporting words to describe the statistic is another example.

A data visualization should be concise and to the point, you'll want to convey your message in a way the user/viewer can latch onto your idea in the first 2 - 3 seconds of seeing it, like in a social media post, blog post or news article. 

Same goes for video, be quick to get to the point.

Diagrams & maps are other examples of data visualization as a graphic design trend.

Graphic Design Trends 2021

Gradients have been growing on Instagram, with the use of them as ready-made backgrounds in Instagram Stories.

Gradients are color transitions, where there's a shift from one color to another with a smooth fading in and out in each color. They're vibrant and grab attention in a visual layout.

They’re a nice alternative to the flat color backgrounds that have been a big trend over the past couple of years.

The change that's happening this year with gradients is the crossover from dulled down tones to brighter and more luminescent colors. There's an almost metallic feel to what's becoming popular. It's lively & bright.

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