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How To Be A Successful Creator


In today’s world we have more options than any time in history to make a living. The new ways don’t involve working for an employer, having a boss or working on someone else’s agenda all day.

Why spend your day advancing your bosses career when you can spend your day running your own business and taking charge of your own life?

You can be a Creator and make a living running your own business. This works as a full-time or part-time option. You can be independent, determine your own future and not rely on an employer to decide how much money you get to make or what you get to work on.

Being a Creator means freedom, fulfillment and being in control of your own destiny. It also means you’re going to have to hold yourself to account to get the daily work done, as well as think of your long term strategy and long-term success.

Here’s a list of seven things you need to do to be successful as a Creator. You can click/tap to view that section directly or just scroll down through each section:



A long-term strategy is the only path to victory. If you focus on short-term results only, you’ll need to constantly create new content to replace your last post, video or piece of content. This leads to content creation burnout and low-yield results.

Instead, focus on the bigger targets that will bring in bigger yield and better results. Why play in the minor  leagues when you can perform at a major league level? Better content, better engagement, better result.

Don’t do scrappy, daily social media posts when you can do 2-3 quality items a week that offer bigger & better content.


Give people hope & optimism by telling them they can do it and they’ll keep coming back for more. Give people continuous encouragement and remind them of what they’re working towards and they’ll follow you anywhere.

Everybody needs a continuous dose of this … give them that dose.

  Your friends and family will not encourage you. People will mock you for being different & thinking that you can actually achieve something.  


Marketing = getting your message out in a way that focuses on the needs & desires of your audience. Don’t talk about you, talk about how what you’re doing can benefit them.

Don’t talk about how great your product or service is, talk about what it can do to make the lives of your audience better. This provides a soft-sell approach.

Don’t come at them with “buy my product” or “sign up for my service,” instead give them examples of what you’ve learned and how that knowledge can help them. How will it make their lives better or easier? When they’re convinced, they’ll buy from you, but you have to convince them first. Trust is earned.


Your friends and family will not encourage you. People will mock you for being different & thinking that you can actually achieve something. You need to motivate yourself every day to continually make progress and accomplish your goals. 

Start by programming your mindset every morning with something positive: video, audio, reading, writing … however you like to do it. Results will follow.

If you don’t create your own positive mindset, then you subject yourself to whatever negativity the world throws at you early in the day. Take control of your own day from the start. In other words, you're the only one who's going to motivate yourself. Get up and get to it.


The ability to update your approach is a must. Technologies, social media platforms and ways of creating revenue continuously evolve at a faster rate every year. You need to stay on top of what’s happening and what’s changing.

Algorithms always change and you’ll need to figure out how to create content in a way that fits into the new algorithms.

People’s taste’s change and trends change. Keep up with the flow to make sure what you’re creating stays relevant to the times and not stale.

Be an observer of what’s happening around you. Watch for new ideas & trends and note the ones that keep showing up in your life. Choose the important ones and make them a part of your long-term strategy.


This one is the most challenging of all the things mentioned here, but it’s the most important step in this list. You’ll need to show up everyday. You’ll need to create even when you don’t feel like it. You’ll need to keep creating even when the novelty has worn off and it seems boring and repetitive. Here are some tips on how to avoid killing your growth as a creator.

There's no boss to answer to now. You're the only one who will make you do this every day. You’re the boss now.

You can do this, you’re capable of more than you know.


Without this step you have nothing. Literally and figuratively. Create a new savings account at a bank that you will put money into and NEVER withdraw from. This will be your money fortress.

Start eliminating your debt, it’s a life-killer. Eliminate all of your debts one at a time, moving from the smallest debt upward to the biggest debt.

Every time you eliminate a monthly debt payment, add that payment amount to your savings inflow. Build this week over week, month over month, year over year. It adds up.

  1. Start by getting rid of credit card/buy now pay later types of debt. Start with your lowest credit card balance and pay that off while making minimum monthly payments on your other credit cards. Then take the money you were paying to your lowest debt balance and use that + the minimum monthly payment on your next credit card. Work your way up the chain like this until you’ve paid off your biggest credit card balance.

  2. Then take all of the money you were paying to credit card bills and put it into savings every month. DO NOT spend money reclaimed from monthly debt payments on yourself (gifts, lifestyle upgrades, etc). Instead you give it to the future you by building up savings. Future you will love you for that.

  3. Then apply this method to personal loans and vehicle loans.

  4. Next, do this with education loans and mortgage, but this happens over a longer payment cycle.

  5. After you have enough money in savings to live on for 6 -12 months in savings, start investing. Keep your investing to a simple strategy at first until you teach yourself more. 


Building your savings is your center of power as a Creator. It puts you in complete control of your destiny. It eliminates money stress while giving you the runway you need to build your future as a Creator.

If you’re already a full-time Creator this is essential. If you’ve got a side-gig that your grinding on while working for an employer, then today is the perfect day to start doing this.

This will fund your leap from being an employee to a full time Creator.