How To Unlock Your Creativity for Entrepreneurs, Technology, Designers & Creators  

How To Unlock Your Creativity


John Cleese from Monty Python said “Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” This is true on so many levels. Whether you’re in a creative field or a technical field, you can use creativity to find innovative new approaches to what you do.

This is useful for problem solving, finding ways of doing things, new lines of business, new ways to breakthrough if you’re a designer or an artist and even a technical field like programming.


How To Unlock Your Creativity For Entrepreneurs

How To Unlock Your Creativity For Technology

How To Unlock Your Creativity For Designers


Escape your comfort zone and venture out into areas that make you uncomfortable. Don't be afraid of new ideas that run contrary to the way you're doing business right now. The best way to find a new direction is to do what you’re not already doing.

Creative brainstorming is putting lots of ideas into words, knowing that only a few of those will work. It almost becomes a numbers game ? in order to have a few good ideas you need to come up with a lot of ideas. Most of those ideas won't work, but that's part of the process. Come up with many so that you can find a few of those that work.

Listed below are steps you can take based on how you work, whether you’re an entrepreneur, designer or technology. If you’re not in one of these areas, consider how some of these might help you in what you’re doing.

  • Schedule time to brainstorm

  • Get ideas from customers & other businesses

  • Try new things to seed your mind with ideas


  • Write down your ideas when you get them

  • There are no bad ideas during brainstorming

  • See what works for others & create your own distinct version of that


  • Do creative brainstorming at the beginning of your day when your mind is fresh

  • Daydream as much as possible, this is where new ideas begin

  • Gather ideas from new sources

The best thing to do this is to try as many of these as possible, and see which of these work best for you. The best approaches are always the ones you’re not trying right now. Good luck!

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