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Artificial Intelligence Tools In 2021 To Grow Your Business


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging capability to help grow your business in 2021 by providing help in getting things done. Artificial Intelligence tools have been gaining traction in the past few years with a steady increase in interest.

AI tools won't replace people in jobs in most cases, but rather be a tool for people to use in their jobs. So if you're afraid that robots are coming for your job, rest assured. Your job is safe. But now is a good time to start embracing artificial intelligence tools to help you do your job. Score!

Artificial Intelligence trends have been on the rise. Adobe surveyed a group of creatives and found that 69% of them think that artificial intelligence tools for graphic design and machine learning will increase a lot in the next five years. Adobe said “we believe AI will be another tool that creatives and marketers turn to for content creation and experiences they need at scale.”

There are already a bunch of artificial intelligence tools in 2021 ready for us to try (see below for a list), and some of these tools are not just productivity helpers but also great ways to spark creativity. This is a growing list, so check back for updates throughout 2021.


This list of the best articial intelligence tools for 2021 is broken down into three categories, you can click or tap on one of the links below to jump immediately to that category, or just scroll down to see more.


1) Artificial Intelligence Writing Tools

2) Artificial Intelligence Graphic Design Tools

3) Artificial Intelligence UX/UI Tools


Writing Tools that Use Artificial Intelligence In 2021

QuillBot is an artificial intelligencetool that is used to rewrite paragraphs. This is great for reworking your words in the editing stage, since it can provide alternate ways of wording something.

Consider the above paragraph, rewritten by the QuillBot Paraphraser tool:

“QuillBot is a method for rewriting paragraphs that uses artificial knowledge. This is great in the editing process for reworking your sentences, as it can provide alternative ways of wording anything.”

Here’s that same paragraph, rewritten by the QuillBot Summarizer tool:

“QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that uses artificial intelligence to rewrite paragraphs.”

You can see how both tools are super useful in different ways. The Paraphraser tool helps to suggest alternate wording of copy while the Summarizer tool reduces word count to a more direct message.

The free version includes the Quillbot Paraphraser and the Quillbot Summarizer.

Write With Transformer uses a type of artificial intelligence known as natural language processing to make suggestions by auto-completing the text you type in.

So if I type in the words “Building an online business is” and hit the Trigger Autocomplete button, it gives me three suggestions to complete that phrase, which are: 

“one of the easiest ways to develop a business.”

“a great way to get started and grow.”

“becoming more and more common, said David Pinto, head of the nonprofit organization for consumer and business development.”

So Write With Transformer can be used in the idea generation phase of writing, and can really help in fighting writer's block or even just the endless difficulty in getting ideas started.

Graphic Design Tools that Use Artificial Intelligence In 2021

Colormind is a color scheme generator that usesan artificial intelligence tool known as deep learning to create combinations of colors that work well together.

It learns color styles from lots of different things -- images, video, and common art. Also, if you have a few colors that you already want to use, you can load those in and Colormind will suggest ideal color schemes to use with your colors. If you already have an images that you love the colors that are in it, you can upload it to Colormind and generate various color palettes based on those colors.

Like Fontjoy, Colormind is a great tool for both graphic designers and non-designers. It's free to use and has some premium features if you want to be a power user.


Fronty converts images to HTML code, giving us a way to convert an image-based layout into HTML. Fronty is good for anyone who likes to build their interactive layouts in tools like Photoshop but doesn't know a lot about coding. You can export a flattened image out of Photoshop or any other tool and use Fronty to build an HTML page for you.

For the more technical-minded, Fronty will bring SEO friendly markup with semantic HTML and quick page speed loading times as well as documentation in the coding for developer insights.

If you're an entrepreneur that doesn't do a lot of graphic design or coding but is ambitious enough to learn how to create their own website, Fronty is a great transition tool for you to grab a layout and convert to ready-to-use code AND learn from the code to help you on your learning journey.

Fontjoy is not only a great tool to suggest font pairings, it's actually fun to use. It pairs a header font and a body copy font that are aesthetically pleasing. It's ridiculously easy to use and always comes up with some really good pairings along the way.

This is great for both designers and people who aren't designers. For designers, you can work Fontjoy into the early part of your design process when you're generating concepts.

For the non-designer, Fontjoy is one of the tools you've been looking for that will help you build an aesthetically pleasing layout for your website, social media and content marketing efforts. 

UX/UI Tools that Use Artificial Intelligence In 2021

Figma is a user interface and interaction designing tool that lets us create automatically-generated prototypes. This includes animated prototypes and advanced interactions, all without having to write any code.

It will create advanced transitions and dynamic overlays, meaning that it's easy and quick to generate a prototype of an interactive scheme. This is great for both coders and non-coders, because it will generate the code for you. If you're a developer, you can grab the code and evolve it further to your own liking.

If you're not a coder, you can take the generated code it gives you and plug it into your website or app.

Visual Eyes simulates an eye-tracking study of a layout, giving you some of the benfits of a user testing lab. Give it a layout image and it will give you a simulated heat map to show eye-tracking, user attention and interest localizations.

What all that jargon means is that it will user artificial intelligence to show you where your users will be drawn to on your website or app, so that you can improve the layout.

It's useful for UX/UI people that focus on the user experience, graphic designers and interactive developers, and entrepreneurs who want to test out a website or online store layout.

Visual Eyes has free and paid tiers. The free version is a great basic appraisal while the Basic and Pro versions offer more sessions per month and are better options for a business with employees.


This is just the beginning of a list of artificial intelligence tools for 2021 to use in an online business or small business. Come back to this guide for additions of new AI tools for writing, design, UX/UI and more as time goes on. If trends continue like this in 2021 and beyond, there will only be more options & more tools for us to use as time goes on. Good luck!


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